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English: "whole/part"

Holon is a new word from western science that is coming into use in philosophy. A holon is that which is a whole composed of parts, and simultaneously, is a part of a larger whole.



Sanskrit: "joy" or "bliss"

In Indian philosophy ananda is an important attribute of the supreme being Brahman. It has been used for over 2,500 years to define Brahman, and simultaneously, the highest state of the individual self.

What is real?    What is meaningful?
How shall we live?

HolonAnanda means taking a larger view of things, looking at the Big Picture: Exploring and Integrating Self and Cosmos for the Realization of Personal, Social, and Cosmic Potential.

Exploring     +      Differentiating      +     Integrating

East & West          Ancient & New          Matter & Spirit      Whole & Part

Respect          +          Fairness           +           Honesty

"We shall not cease from exploration,
  and the end of all our exploring
  will be to arrive where we started
  and know the place for the first time."



ho - lon - a - nan -da

ho as in home
lon as in lawn
a - nan as in anonymous
da as in Canada
  HolonAnanda may not be the easiest word to pronounce, but it isn't difficult once you know how. If you are familiar with the words holon and ananda, then you simply say them together as one word, pronouncing them the same as if the were separate. If you are not familiar with those two words then say whole on anonymous duh as if it were one word. It may not be easy at first, it took me a little practice too, but that's just because its not like the words we use every day. And that's ok, I don't expect everyone to get it perfect. Make an sincere effort, and I'm sure you'll get it close enough that I, and others, will know what you mean, and that's what counts.

What does HolonAnanda mean?
  • HolonAnanda   is a name made from two words; holon and ananda.

  • Holon   is a relatively new word, originating from a context of science and biology. A holon is that which is simultaneously part of a whole and a whole made up of parts.

  • Ananda   is an ancient sanskrit word and means Joy or Bliss.

  • Together   Holon and Ananda combine and transcend their individual meanings to create an infinite spectrum of meaning. The essence of that spectrum of meaning can be simply put as "The joy of being a whole of parts of a whole", or "The joyful state of consciousness that comes from the realization that, simultaneously, wholes are parts and parts are wholes. Also the experience of the infinite contexts of oneself as wholes and parts". Its not easy to explain and this is but a rough draft. I hope these few words begin to get a little of my meaning across.

  • An example   of a holon is the name HolonAnanda. As a name it is one/whole. It is composed of two parts, Holon and Ananda, each of which is one/whole itself. Both Holon and Ananda are in their turn composed of parts, in this case letters, and each of those parts is also one/whole. When all these contexts/perspectives are seen/experienced/realized simultaneously, we are seeing them as holons. When we see all things as holons, as parts and wholes at the same time, in the infinite context, then we find that Ananda, joy and bliss, are there, always, already.

How did the name/word HolonAnanda come into being?   I created this name, and word, after considering many others. I was looking for a web site name, one that would be unique and different, one that would combine old and new, east and west, finite and infinite, part and whole, science/matter and spirit, one that expressed that which is in me but which cannot be put into words, which not even I, in my aspect of individual holon, am fully conscious of. I was already using the name of holon as my internet ID and was looking for a name that included it. HolonAnanda is more than a name and a word, it is, in a significant way, who and what I am, and what I do. I might say more, but I leave it at this for now; that's the essence...

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